Gemellarte 2019 edition

The starting point of the project is the creation of a “zero edition” of the project, starting from the twinning between the Italian city of Terni and the French city of SaintOuen, involving the main exhibition facilities of the cities, in order to identify together the artists to be proposed in the other structure beyond the Alps, hosting them in a residence.
Therefore, GemellArte starts with a first exhibition of a selected artist in Saint’Ouen, hosted in Terni in parallel with an exhibition by a selected artist in Terni and hosted in Saint’Ouen.
The project started during 2018 with the creation of the “zero” edition and the real organization and the communication campaign started at the beginning of 2019.
All this to start with the very first artistic residence between March and April and arrive at the exhibition in May 2019, accompanied by a real Festival that will involve the entire city.