However, the Italy-France pair – already well established in terms of cultural exchanges and contaminations

GemellArte, it is clear, has been set up as an initiative of a strongly civic and cultural nature. Due to this dual nature and coherently with the aims that it proposes, would be an understatement to limit the project to two countries (Italy and France), which can be better extended to more Europeans and not only states, starting from the already “active” twinnings, although poorly supported by concrete and targeted initiatives, which go beyond the normal political or institutional initiatives. However, the Italy-France pair – already well established in terms of cultural exchanges and contaminations – can represent a solid starting point and momentum of the initiative, thanks above all to the involvement of the French Embassy in Italy. In fact, the further and more than precious twinning already existing between the two capitals, Rome and Paris, can’t be overlooked, offering huge scenarios in terms of artistic and cultural exchanges, which could then evolve and develop beyond the exchanges and loans that normally take place in museums, through a more “popular” dimension, perhaps representing a useful tool for the involvement of the suburbs, thus involving galleries or structures different from the usual cultural centers of the capitals.
For a further objective that can be identified in the project, namely that of the enhancement of the city suburbs, increasingly marginalized in the complex development of the cities, in addition to that of the provinces, already mentioned in the previous points.

Not only. It is equally clear that a project of this type is particularly appropriate for the creation of an artistic and cultural path that could find (and offer) an impulse also in terms of tourism development, taking into account the increasing inclination of Italians and Europeans to cultural tourism.


gallerie o strutture distanti dai soliti centri culturali delle capitali.


delle periferie cittadine, sempre più emarginate nel complesso sviluppo delle città

Sviluppo turistico

tenendo conto della sempre maggiore propensione degli italiani e degli europei al turismo culturale.